Video game studio 2054

founded in September 2020

Press & Business contact

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Plaine Images ⚫ 99A boulevard C. Descat
59200 Tourcoing ⚫ France

Game released: The Sundew


2054 is a young video game one-woman-team studio, which was founded in September 2020. This studio is the result of more than two years of work and much, much passion. This studio is dedicated to the creation of pixel art point’n’click adventure games whose story takes place in a dystopian universe. The studio’s current title, The Sundew, is the first game in a long series of thrilling adventure games.

September 2018

⚫ first demo presented in a Kickstarter campaign

October 2019

⚫ entry into the Plaine Images business incubation programme

March 2020

⚫ entry into SpielFabrique’s business acceleration programme

October 2020

⚫ signing of an agreement with Pictanovo and the Hauts-de-France Region

14th October 2021

⚫ release of the game The Sundew

The Sundew in the Press