About 2054

A made in France human-sized start-up!

The Studio

2054 is a young video game one-woman-team studio, which was founded in September 2020. This studio is the result of more than two years of work and much, much passion.

And most of all, of a lot, a lot of liters of coffee.

My name is Agnès Vuillaume, aka Clemenc, I’m trained as an IT developer and a painter. I love retro video games, dystopian worlds, Major Kusanagi, Rick Deckard, Beat Takeshi, Richard B. Riddick, Keanu Reeves <3 … (and the baby rabbits, too).

Hence this first title of a long series to come, the point’n’click The Sundew, for which I am directing the technical part, the narration and the graphics. Passionate providers take care of the other aspects. A superb project that came to life thanks to the precious help of many contributors and extraordinary people!


The Sundew is a 

Production co-funded by PICTANOVO

As part of the Video Game Fund

With the support of the Hauts-de-France Region

Plaine Images

2054 is located in La Plaine Images, Tourcoing, France.

On a former 5-hectare rehabilitated industrial site in the heart of Lille’s metropol, France, Plaine Images is the European hub dedicated to the creative industries: audiovisual, games, AR/VR, Design (virtual reality, video games, serious game/e-learning, animation, edtech, musictech, digital marketing, events…).

In the heart of Europe, the complete ecosystem brings together 140 companies, 1,800 active people, 4 schools, 1 incubator, film and sound studios, a playtest laboratory… 

Its strength: to create synergies and promote business development.

From start-ups to international companies, Plaine Images promotes business development and stimulates convergence.

The innovative projects of tomorrow’s industries are built within its incubator!